Hot! Hot! Hot! (pic)

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Hi Dave,

DaveTheGreat wrote:

The shot is ok, but this might be the lowest-quality .jpg I've ever
seen! Saving it as a level 7-8 jpg should get it small enough for
the web. It's hard to look at the pic without noticing all the

Ooh. Worrying - looks OK here...

  • uh...nevermind. I think it's this webiste right now. Seeing other

pics they're heavily artifacted too.

LOL You had me worried for a minute there! Can't say that I've ever noticed this site playing up in this way - could it be that you'd inadvertantly set your browser window to display larger than 100%, perhaps? Probably not - just a wild stab in the dark really...

Thanks for mentioning it, though - and also for then taking the trouble to set my mind at rest!

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