several real questions on 1D MK3

Started Oct 26, 2007 | Discussions thread
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several real questions on 1D MK3


What kind of photographer is the 1D MK3 aimed at? I imagine action/sports but would the camera be at a disadvantage doing other things? IQ wise? I feel that the camera devotes so much to speed that IQ may be lacking.

Is there a comparsion of the IQ of the MK3 to cameras traditionally viewed as having superb IQ like the 5D or the 1Ds MK2?

Would a MK3 be a good "safari cam"?

The reason I ask these questions:

I really want a 1 series body, I feel that the 5D is a little short in the focus/metering/build department.

My shooting style is very broad, I work in almost every focal range, but if I had to catagorize myself, I would say that I'm a landscape photographer, (although I rarely confine myself to wide-angles) and therefore IQ is probably the most important thing to me.

I will be going to Africa in a few months, and I really need a new camera by then. 1Ds MK3 is ideal but too expensive. The MK3 is in my price range, but the only thing that may sway me to buy the 5D replacement is its potential IQ.

So the ultimately question is:

how is the IQ on the MK3? What limitations will there be as result of it only being 10 mpx? how big can I print with that? (I normally don't go more than 13 inches wide).


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