Amazon's rebate practice?

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Re: Buy from B&H

Yes, it took Amazon a few days but they finally adjusted their prices correctly. I contacted them 3 different times as I had bought the 10-22. After trading a few emails with their customer service, I learned that they are a huge huge company (yes, they certainly are) and they solely rely on pricing info from their suppliers in order to price their products. I guess sometimes their prices take a couple of days to reflect any instant rebates. Not sure if I buy their response but that's the gist I got from their emails. I like to think that me and everyone else complaining about it brought it to their attention and they acted accordingly.

I do like their 30-day return policy and their price reduciton policy. I bough the lens on the 15th - 3 days before the rebate went into effect and I've called them 3 times in the past week to get refunds when the price has fallen. I bought it for $684 and it's now $619 and I've been credited the difference...

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