50mm FA f/1.4 kinda soft, bad one?

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50mm FA f/1.4 kinda soft, bad one?

i notice that sometimes i get good focus, sometimes bad blur pictures. this is my first normal lens. As i noticed, when i take pics like gardens and streets....the focus is somehow a bit behind. subject is soft (out of focus?) while behind is quite ok.

So today i tried both 18-50 and 50FA 1.4, both at 50mm and F5.6. i tested at my "garden" and focus in the middle (wooden stick in the middle of the images). Both images are converted from silkypix latest demo, no sharpen, just convert right out to jpg. Size 5-6mb, big pics.

Do you think that the 50FA1.4 is too soft? maybe i have higher expectations than this soft image? What focal should i use if outdoor photography? can i use higher f than f/11 without dropping IQ?

50 FA 1.4

watch origianl image (big big pic)
hxxp: www.flickr.com/photo_zoom.gne?id=1746208600&size=o

18-50mm 3.2-5.6

big original image: hxxp: farm3.static.flickr.com/2090/1745372021_68e033228e_o.jpg


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