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Re: I am not worried about the long teles... their projection is pretty straight...

I think that may be the reason why they are introducing the D3 with a pixel density that will allow it to shine, in both resolution, corner to corner sharpness and high-iso performance. All of that with normal day-to-day lenses.

A higher resolution D3X, at 24MP or whatever, will need the employment of the new lenses like the 14-24 and the 24-70, which have been obviously designed with tomorrow's sensors (with potentially high pixel densities) in mind. It will take time for the supply of those lenses, to catch up with the demand, and I think the rumored D3X will be timed to hit the streets with a healthy supply of the newer lenses in circulation. Obviously high-end primes should also be able to measure up to such high pixel densities. We'll see how it all comes out finally.

gonzalu wrote:

but the wides may suffer... a lot ...

In real life, most images will not show that bad. If you are into
architectural shooting, then you will see it. But PJ or even
Wedding... it will not matter.

Usually the subject of importance is in the middle and the distorted
corners are simply there for framing and don;t need to be accurate.
Heck, I mostly vignette them in post anyway LOL
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