Someone's gonna get hurt in this fight

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Re: First Salvo already fired

tr0910 wrote:

Canon has clobbered the MSRP of the 5D, instead of using the usual
Christmas gimmicks of double or triple rebates. This before the
Nikon D3 is even available.

Methinks that this is a good time to hold onto our money before
betting on anything. I don't want to have a significant investment
in a supplier who is down for the count.

I tend to agree that Olympus is the odds on favorite to suffer an
early KO.

Sony will either get serious, or get out.

I believe that the consensus is that the Sony built Nikon D3 sensor
will be the underpinning of a new Sony A900ish camera. The pricing
of that entry will tell us lots about the new market dynamics.


The reason that Canon dropped the price on the 5D is due to the fact that they're trying to clear them out, as their 7D is waiting in the wings. Word is that Canon will release the 7D this year, rather than wait for PMA.

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