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No, And That Caused Me To Stop Using Aperture, As, I Use "Lots Of Lenses", :-)


1. No, and that was a big enough issue for me to stop using it (of, course there are others, too). Aperture is still on my Mac (in case it's vastly improved with next version); but, I have been using Adobe Lightroom and CS3. With, the Adobe products, not only are my lenses identified, but so are the specific Nikon DSLR Camera, I used to shoot the images with, by serial number ------ quite helpful, as I use two different D80 DSLRs and 2 different D200 DSLRs.

2. With Aperture, there was no way, that I could easily search images by the lens I use, as I can with Adobe Lightroom and CS3,

3. I use a GPS with my D200 DSLRs, and I like the ease and accuracy that Adobe Lightroom, using google Maps, with just a click from within Lightroom, nearly instantly goes to the geographical location of where my images were shot, using this service,

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ePan wrote:

Does Aperture read EXIF data that identifies what lens was used? I
know I can select focal length, but the results there could be either
a prime or any zoom I've used at the same focal length. I used a
trial version of Lightroom, and I seem to remember that it actually
identified the lens used and not just the focal length and aperture.
If there is a similar way to get the same info in Aperture, then I
would appreciate someone letting me kow.

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