Someone's gonna get hurt in this fight

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Re: Someone's gonna get hurt in this fight

I think the market will divide. The 3/4 system may end up replacing the prosumer digital bodies like the Canon G series, previous Minolta A7, etc. Its smaller size is good for this segment. Look at that Olympus 50-200(100-400eqv) f2.9-3.5. How can you get that size and speed in other system?

The other 3 (Nikon, Canon, and Sony) will move the main battle field to full frame. The market is constantly asking for cheaper full frame. As full frame sensor now starts to move to the part of the curve of rapid drop in price, full frame will become the dSLR standard.

Sigma and Fuji is virtually dead. As Jack Welch said, if you cannot be the top 2 player in the market, you better sell your company. Sony actually had huge success in the first year. Gained 3rd place in just one year in the market with only one body.


cyainparadise wrote:

This article ran in the 10/17 issue of the Boston Globe.

Olympus states that they're aiming for 20% or MORE of the worldwide
DSLR market. Canon has abour 47%, and Nikon has 33% of the pie. Sony,
which has previously stated that they want to capture about 30%, held
6.2% in 2006, and Olympus wasn't far behind with 5.9%. No figure was
given for Pentax, but I'm sure they'll want a piece of the pie. And
don't forget Sigma, Panasonic, Leica, and whomever else is out there.

Neither Canon, nor Nikon will give up any of their share without a
fight, so not everyone is going to get what they want, someone or two
or three, will get a bloody nose in the coming future.

It will be interesting to see how things work out. However, I'm sure
that to capture a bigger share of the pie, someone will drop prices
in an attempt to get things going.

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