Someone's gonna get hurt in this fight

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Re: Someone's gonna get hurt in this fight

Yeah, before I became a dpreview nerd, I asked some employees in various stores about DSLRs a couple of years ago. I was making the jump from film, and wasn't privy to sensor differences. An employee at one store nearly convinced me to buy an Olympus, and he was good at selling it, because that's what he used. He made no reference to a smaller 4/3 sensor. Luckily I didn't like the feel of the camera, and I didn't get caught in the 4/3rds nonsense.

I have a feeling that many first time DSLR buyers will buy into 4/3 unknowingly, because they recognize Olympus as a camera company more than Sony. However, I think that's gonna change over the next year or two IMO. I've already noticed more people interested in my A700 compared to my A100 last year.

Last week I shot a Hollywood premier party (I'm not normally an event photographer,) and a very well-established event photographer was there as well. She gave me some flash bracket advice and didn't seemed to be fazed at all by my two Sony cameras, and she was shooting, of course, a very well equipped Canon 5D. In fact, she was complaining about low light focusing, and I didn't have many problems at all For better or worse, the Sony kool-aid is working a little bit.

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