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Raul Veteran Member • Posts: 7,687
Hello glspence

RawMagick Lite for quality. Exceptional.
Stacking is available. Most of the job in phase one done linearly.
Are you using the uniWB preset? If you do: RMaagick is the way to go

CaptureOne LE for quantity Very nice WB posibilities.

With kind regards


glspence wrote:

I'm using ACR for my RAW conversions of files. I know that some have
purchased NX purely for converting the images and then work in CS3.
How much of a difference does this really make in your opinion.
Buying NX just for conversions seems overly expensive.

I'm really not happy with most of my exposures when compared with
some others here. I'm shooting RAW and bracketing, using great lenses
but am oftentimes disappointed. Maybe it's the RAW converter, maybe
it's the workflow ... probably the photographer, but it seems like
I'm convering the variables.

Thanks for your input.


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