I need some help to chose between some cameras!!

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I need some help to chose between some cameras!!

I'm not a professional but my hobby (inherited from my father) is photography. Most photos are with my family but I shot everything in my trips or holidays (I want to open a website with these non-personal photos)

I began with a beautiful Zenith (film camera with ZEISS lens full manual) from my father and after I bought my first camera CANON EOS 300 with film (after a long prospecting work) . With this I made few thousand beautiful photos. Then I couldn’t help to digital challenge and I bought a fine P&S camera SONY DSC-L1.

Now I want to replace my CANON EOS 300 film camera with a digital camera, not necessarily DSLR but I was used with beautiful photo and I want to keep this. In second place I want optical zoom, not 18X but a 12X I think is useful.
Budget is until 1000$. With good reasons I could spent 1200$.

In this order I study about 4 weeks this problem.

1. First possibility is a DSLR body with zoom lens (I find Tamron lens AF 18-250 Di II LD with good words about it) and I try to choose between Nikon D40X, Canon 400D, Pentax K10D and SONY A100.

At DSLR I’m interested in quality (…a lot Mega Pixel, quality of lens and sensor), speed and bracketing which help an amateur like me, shake reduction. Minus for me are, weight, lot of manual settings and not at the end, price.

Nikon is interesting like price but have no bracketing and have only 3 auto focusing areas.
Yesterday I read something about Pentax K100 Super. What do you think?

2. Second possibility is Lumix FZ50 or Leica V-LUX 1 and they family ( SONY DSC H9, CANON S5 IS, Fuji Finepix S9600 and at the end Samsung PRO 815)

At those cameras I’m interested in less controls, price, more compact (less weight), less complicated, swivel display and not at the end movie mode when I need this and my camcorder is at home.
I stop at Lumix FZ50 and Leica V-lux1 about which, I read good words.

The questions are:

1. Its worth to spend 1300$ on D40X body with Tamron or 900$ LEICA V-Lux1, or the best choice is to buy Lumix FZ50 at 600$.

2. It’s worth to spend 300$ more for Leica or I can make an effort to buy D40X body +Tamron 18-250
3. Do you have any good choices?

Thank you very much for help!!

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