NEC 2690WUXi - can it handle regular sRGB?

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Re: Using Photoshop in the NEC's sRGB mode...

Tom_Bruno wrote:

UCSB wrote:

Steps I take for web development;

  • Create a web site mock-up in Illustrator to finalize design and

color scheme.

  • Implement in Dreamweaver (use color values from Illustrator design).

  • Process all photos in Photoshop (sRGB for web).

  • Test and preview in Foxfire v3.

Keep colors on web site and photos in sRGB color gamut. All color
except in Dreamweaver will be accurate.

That has me confused. Sorry if this seems obvious, but if you're
testing and previewing in Foxfire 3, which I understand is color
managed, how do you know what the images will look like in IE?
You're saving the photos in CS3 in sRGB, so that should work for IE.
Do you also preview in IE?

Is the reason you use Foxfire to check on Foxfire, as to whether it
presents sRGB images correctly? Why use the color managed beta
browser for previews, since almost no one else has it as yet?

There are really two issues: 1) are the colors I am viewing accurate?; 2) how will the colors look in in IE (or other browsers) on sRGB monitors?

For question 1, I am saying that the colors will be accurate in the color managed applications and the Foxfire v3 browser prototype. What you are seeing (assuming a correctly calibrated/profiled monitor) is correct. I proved this to myself by running a NEC LCD2490WUXi right next to my 2690 for several days.

For question 2, how will the colors look in IE or on an sRGB monitor? There are several approaches here. I test my design pages on a 20" sRGB monitor that I have plus two different notebook screens. But, you can also soft proof them (by them I mean my web site design mock-ups that I created in Illustrator to define all colors used on a site) in Photoshop under the Windows soft proofing option. You can check out of gamut colors ... or just use web safe colors.

I evaluate all final web pages on IE, Foxfire, Foxfire (v3 prototype), and Safari. Dreamweavers has many reports for checking web page/browser compatibility.

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