NEC 2690WUXi - can it handle regular sRGB?

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Re: Using Photoshop in the NEC's sRGB mode...

I think I can reply on this, since I've faced the same. If you have applied the correct color management, the pictures you have worked with in photoshop in sRGB colorspace SHOULD be sRGB. If they are not, something is wrong with your color management. Preview and softproofing should show you this if you are uncertain (another way is to take a shift+ctrl+k to check if setup have changed).

Profile mismatches etc. will warn you if you open a picture in another colorspace by mistake and there are similar warning systems in Photoshop.

Regardless if you work with only sRGB on an sRGB screen or sRGB on a wide gamut screen, you need to learn how to use the color management in Photoshop. Many uses Adobe RGB when they are working with sRGB pictures. Their screen is sRGB, their pictures are sRGB, but their color workspace is aRGB. Go figure...Once you have mastered proper color management, these things are not an issue, since you are aware of them.

Wide gamut saturates the colors on the homepage as well and I think its here he means to review the work. Pictures are already taken care of, so there is no need to double check them (and should you have, preview and softproof in photoshop). If you are tagging your pictures, you can quickly browse through them and check which colorspace they are in.

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