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Kim Letkeman
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that test was discredited way back ...

If I remember correctly, that is one of a plethora of tests created by a new user without any of the important variables controlled. If you want to see how the F30 fares against a dSLR, have a look at the following tests.

In the first one, the light was waning, which really stresses high ISO. The dSLR retains detail at 1600iso about as good as the compacts at 200. By 400, they turn detail pretty much to mush.

On a sunny day, we have more light, but the compacts don't fair any better. I still see a 3 stop advantage. With this much light, the dSLR retains a lot of detail right up to 1600iso. Any difference you see in fine detail comes as the result of heavy in-cam sharpening and contrast boost. There is no more detail.

Note also that the dSLR here is the D70s ... a cam not known for good high ISO.

Sorry ... but any test that shows that a compact can match a dSLR for image quality is just plain bungled or has such narrow parameters as to be useless.

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