The Canon D60, underwater. :)

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Re: The Canon D60, underwater. :)

Petri Lindroth wrote:


( ) had the info on their web site so I emailed Hugyfot to ask what the price will be. Following the answer I got:

Hello Petri,

We will bring the Canon D30 housing beginning Mai 2002 in new
design, 3D
machined from full alu bloc. Please let us this time to make
everything as
it has to be: high quality and nice and handy designed.

the price will be around 1.800 €.


Thank you so much for your information. I have also emailed Hugyfot but have also not yet received a reply. I would certainly appreciate it if you can send me the housing information when Hugyfot sends you the email with the housing details. I am getting excited with this new housing from Hugyfot.

Thanks again!

  • Nico

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