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Re: Monopod question - what head?

I have 488RC2 head, the smaller one and I like it. If you have heavy lenses like 70-200 L or so then I would recommend a bigger ballhead. My heaviest lens is 70-300 IS non-DO one and it works OK for me.

Rhyan wrote:

PaulPaul wrote:

So, essentially the only option is manfrotto 680 plus legs. Legged
monopod 682 is just too big for traveling. All other "legged" options
are either too big when collapsed or too weak.
Not much choice.

I've been eyeing up the '680 myself recently, but this being my first
tripod/monopod purchase, am a bit lost with the heads. Apologies if
I'm hijacking the thread, but I thought the OP had come to a

I'm going to be taking shots of runners at a half marathon event in a
month and need something to keep the camera (and myself!) steady, so
a monopod seemed the way to go. The bit where I'm stuck is which head
to buy. Ok, my first thought is a ball head for quick change between
l/s and portait.

So it comes down to these two heads, which are in my price bracket:

  • 486RC2

  • 488RC2

Does anyone have experience of using either of these (in particular
with the '680 monopod)?

The main difference I can see between these two is the extra lock on
the '488 to help with panoramic shots. Is this worth having for when
I buy a tripod at a later date? I can't see this being a useful
feature for a monopod myself, but would be interested to hear
people's thoughts.


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