Goofey & Confusing Color Management

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JMDavis Junior Member • Posts: 35
Goofey & Confusing Color Management

I've been researching this for a while - in various forums and on the Web - and have yet to find an answer! I'm and amatuer (really amatuer) and decided to move to doing large(r) prints. I have a new Epson R1800 and use Windows XP.

As far as color management goes this is what I've garnered so far:

1. Calibrate your monitor - I've done that using Spyder2Express and all has gone well.

2. Let your software application do the color management. In this case I use Paint Shop Pro X. This is the point where I have a question - more about that later. (I know it's not PhotoShop CS2 or CS3 but my money went into the hardware, and anyway I'm comfortable and used to using PSPX.

3. When printing turn off/don't use color controls or color management in the printer driver.

Now in PSPX there are three choices under color management:

  • Not use it - that is don't enable it.

  • Basic color management: Specify how color appear on your monitor and printer

  • Proofing: Se colors on your monitor and/or printer as they would appear on another device

Well, I enable color management, I don't use the proofing option, I do use the basic one. Under this option are 2 dialog boxes. One is the monitor profile where you select the profile for your monitor. In this case I use the one crerated by Spyder2Express. The other box is for the printer profile - this is where it's goofey and confusing. I can drop this box down and you can select from all of the various Epson paper profiles or there is one selection that says "Epson Stylue Photo R1800". So, what goes here - the paper profile or the one that says Epson Stylus Photo R1800? Sorry, I don't yet know how paste in a screen shot to show you all of this!

Any help would be appreciated - JMDavis

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