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Re: speedlights - How are you firing the master?

nick the man wrote:

I now have 2 x 550 (slaves)and 1 x 580(master)

Ive noticed when all set to ETTL the slaves seem to flash slightly
later than the master,noticably later?

should i set manual to the light i require??

or should ETTL work as one??


How are you firing the master? Is it being fired directly by the camera or are you using a radio transmitter to fire it. If the camera is firing the master directly, there should be no delay between master and slave. If you are firing the master with a pocketwizard or by some other means other than directly by the camera hot shoe (or camera cord no 2) and the master is set to ETTL you will get a large delay between the master flashing and the slaves flashing. If such a a scenario if you set the master to MANUAL , there will be no delay, (but then you are obviously working in manual mode with reagrds to flash settings.!)

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