Harley Davidson (D3 lenses CONCLUSION)

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Harley Davidson (D3 lenses CONCLUSION)

Hello guys,

I just wanted to post my conclusion from a very participated discussion about what lenses to buy to match the D3. Thank you all for the 80 posts in 48 hours!

The problem:

What lenses to match the D3 IQ, but still provide flexibility and reach, avoiding weight and bulk when the occasions would require lighter equipment (i.e. the equivalent to the D200 + 18-200VR on FX format).

The comments received (summary):

1/ Don't use the D3 as a travel camera... Keep the D200 + 18-200VR or upgrade to the D300, the new rolls-royce of travel cameras.

2/ If I'm ready to sacrifice lens quality why bother with the D3?

Thank you, got the point, but still going for the IQ of the D3 sensor...

More significantly:

3/ The recommended gear after finding the maximum common denominator of all inputs:

Nikkor 50 F1.4
Nikkor 24-70 2.8 (new)
Nikkor 70-200 2.8 + Nikkor TC1.4 for reach

Tamron 28-300 VC (Vibration reduction from Tamron - http://www.tamron.com/lenses/prod/28300_vc.asp )

An additional option would be the Nikkor 85 F1.4, but there are rumours that Nikkon could introduce an upgraded version with AF-S and optimized for Digital FX (like the new 24-70 2.8). So this later option will wait.

A possible Nikkor 70-300VR (which got great references from participants including brilliant samples in therms of IQ, bouquet and sharpness) lost out to the flexibility of the newer Tamron 28-300VC and to the TC1.4 on the 70-200VR for reach.

Thank you all for your valuable inputs!


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