Tell the truth: Are you buying E-3 or not?

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Re: Tell the truth: Are you buying E-3 or not?

I was hoping that a Yes response would have been a no brainer, but it isn't IMO. I was one of the naysayers when the leaked PDF came out (I'll have to go and eat my hat and some humble pie) - I didn't think there was enough there for a pro replacement that was almost 4 years in the making and I still don't. IMO this is not a pro replacement for the E1, more a beefed up prosumer. I have been an Oly user since I bought into digital with the E20 in 2000/2001 (can't remember the exact date) which was replaced with an E1 as soon as they became available in the UK - early adopter and high price payer in both cases. I have since added another E1 and an E400 (which got dumped by Oly in short order) and have the 14-54, 50-200, 50 macro, TC14, FL50 and a Sigma 30 1.4. So, I have a reasonably substantial investment in Oly gear and I'm certainly no Oly basher, but I just feel a bit disappointed. When the E1 was launched it had a few USPs - build quality, dust shaker and weatherproofing that other manufacturers couldn't match at its price point. These are no longer Oly USPs. I'm not making any rash decisions, but right now the Nikon D300 is looking attractive (as is the Canon 40D to a lesser extent).


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