Tell the truth: Are you buying E-3 or not?

Started Oct 17, 2007 | Discussions thread
Jonathan Demarais Veteran Member • Posts: 3,607
Did you like your E-1? Then you'll "likely" like using the E-3

daqk wrote:

Noticed that there are positive and negative feedbacks on E3. Part of
it was due to the long time buildup of the hype on E3.

I own couple Oly cams but I would have to wait.

I will NOT buy E3 but if I would buy other DSLR I will keep my Oly
gear (i.e., E330) with my MD lenses since DSLR prices are getting
more affordable.

How is everyone's opinion?

To buy or not buy?

Yes, buy. I own the E-330 which is very flexible, but I miss the weather sealing of my E-1 and it's been raining off an on for a week. I miss the "don't worry" aspect of the E-1's toughness, so you can fully concentrate on shooting and not on potential problems. My question would be, how many of you who own/owned E-1s were disappointed in them (I susepect few people) so why would anyone assume the E-3 wouldn't be as satisfying?

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