Tell the truth: Are you buying E-3 or not?

Started Oct 17, 2007 | Discussions thread
dgilder Regular Member • Posts: 162
Looks unlikely

I won't know for sure until I can hold a D300 and an E-3 in hand and get some sample photos from each on my own cards. I stopped buying new lenses a year and a half ago while waiting impatiently for the E-3.

The price point is steeper than I would like, its only $100 more for a D300 with its 12MP, decent high ISO performance, pretty much comprable autofocus speed, 8fps, and available wireless transfer grip. Thats a pretty strong argument for buying into the Nikon system and selling off my Olympus gear.

My photography pays for my equipment, and honestly I need more MP in order to be able to make more money for more equipment, 10MP is good, but 12 pays more. Its still up in the air though, I don't know how well the D300 ergonomics will work for me, or if I will be satisfied with the Nikon lenses.

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