Apple Aperture Upgrades

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Re: Apple Aperture Upgrades

I don't see why apple can't develop serious pixel pushing abilities over time with Aperture 2/3/4. Final cut/motion are all big pixel pushers...There was a 'brush' tool in Aperture 1.0 which was dropped prior to release. So they have been poking around this area. It will take time though if they chose this direction to do it as well as PS.

Perhaps our biggest time guide is Apple's shallow Engineering depths whereby the OS is delayed to concentrate on a phone. Remember a while back the Aperture dev team was apparently 'redeployed' or rearranged then supplemented with some Final Cut resource to develop 1.5 ? Same time Joe got his promotion ! If the Aperture dev team has not been busy over the spring & summer on 2.0, then at Leopard launch +2-3 months will be spent debugging/bug suqashing 1.5.x AND alpha/betas of 2.0. Which pushes a release into 08 perhaps.

Hope i'm wrong.

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