A list of recommended 40D settings:

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A list of recommended 40D settings:

I thought I would write down the in-camera settings I use for my new 40D. This might help someone who is new to the camera. Also I thought if any 40D users have better settings than mine (or just different) then they can post them here. So we could get a list going of in-camera settings that give good results.

I'm definitely not saying that my settings are the best. Just that they suit me and my style of shooting. I'd be interested to know what other users consider to be optimal settings.

First is that I shoot RAW and process images in Lightroom. It’s important in Lightroom to change the default contrast and brightness settings of Lightroom otherwise images look pretty bad with too much saturation and crushed blacks etc. I set contrast and brightness to 0 and adjust only exposure and clarity.
So with the Canon 40D I use the following:

To start out with I shoot RAW usually in Aperture Priority mode. I use the ‘faithful’ picture style setting where sharpness, contrast etc are set to 0. I choose this style because I always prefer to adjust my images out of the camera and in software.
I use Auto white balance and don’t bracket for white balance.

Color space is set to Adobe RGB (although when shooting RAW this doesn’t matter). If you are shooting RAW plus jpeg you might want to set the color space to sRGB so that the jpeg is compressed in a web friendly format.

I use AF Servo mode even when I am doing landscapes and maros. The only difference here is that I set bracketing to on. So for landscapes and macros I get a really fast HDR bracketed sequence when in AF Servo mode and by default I use high-speed continuous shooting.
For custom functions I have the following:
Exposure level increments and ISO increments set to 1/3
ISO expansion on.
Bracketing auto cancel to off.
Bracketing sequence to 0: 0,-,+

Safety shift off ( this may effect focus ability if set to on and shooting with AF Servo)
Long exposure noise reduction off

High ISO noise reduction off. I do all noise reduction in software plus this slows down the camera if set to on.

Highlight tone priority definitely off. If set to 'on' then you can get more noise and can’t access high ISO.

The other custom functions don’t really effect image quality so you can choose what you prefer.

Exposure settings are usually set to evaluative metering except that I have a custom button set up for spot metering. I usually shoot at ISO 400 but when shooting landscapes I use ISO 200 - 100.
I hope this helps and welcome your comments and critiques.

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