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deejaystar wrote:

Got a question...
My pal Barry is updating me on his stuff, and I have not posted, as I
am in the middle of a LOT of projects, including selling cards from
photos I took with my old Olympus 10x zoom from our zoo.
I am struggling to figure out that scalding heat in dry climate.
Last evening (I am trying to play with all the auto settings so I
have a departure point) I came out with a near black and white of a
bird in the dull light of evening. Normally the color is richest but
my camera is apparently averaging everything.
Do we use the Beach or the Snow setting to adjust for extremes in
contrasts? I am still sleeping with the manual but I fear I have a
lot of background photography to catch up on.... HOW do I balance out
enough detail in the lights to tweak with the dark of our shadows...
NOW remember, I am doing a lot of zoom..... I have been disabling the
anti-shake for the sake of the detail and will bring my tripod next
round, but this is getting ugly!
Thanks.. on the run, will check back soon.

Deejaystar I am not familiar with your camera as I have never owned an Olympus. You don't say if you are using film or digital camera. However I know from personal experience that birds can be mighty difficult subjects to catch in flight or in a favourable light.

If you are using digital why not try all available settings and take as many shots as you like. When you download them to your computer see which ones come out best and see what settings you used.

Anti shake should be assisting you with those longer range or higher in magnification shots. It is best if you are using zoom to use the tripod. However using a tripod to catch a bird, unless it is chained to the branch would still prove difficult.

A lower light source is needed for any shot taken below the height of the bird. Perhaps you could try in the early morning or early evening. Or try the flash but you would only get one shot and no more. If you have a silent mode that helps. Not sure why you need to use zoom are you not able to get closer?

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