Few high ISO samples from yesterday D3

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Few high ISO samples from yesterday D3

I and my friend went to Photo show this weekend in Toronto. To our surprise Nikon had d3 and d300 demo cameras. We managed to stick flashcard in to one D3 that had new 14-24mm lens attached to it and we got few tests shoots. I also have quite a few NEF files but I can’t open them with any software, if somebody is interested in NEFs, I can upload them plus more JPEGs to some web space. Maybe somebody will figure out the way how we can open them and play with settings.
Nikon rep said that cameras do not have final firmware loaded.

I had d70 for 2 years, now I’m shooting with D200, I was shooting with D2H, D3 feels natural you don’t have to guess anything, every button is exactly where it should be.

  • Viewfinder is BIG

  • Auto focus points are amazing, but it is hard to say how focusing will work on longer lenses, on 14-24 was super fast, I’m sure it will perform the same with other lenses as well.

  • I got few blurry shoots caused by shaky hands in stress and excitement - we were not really allowed to shoot with flashcards.

  • High ISO blow me away, 6400 is just great, better than 1Ds Mark III ISO 3200, I have few shoots for comparison. On Canon snaps we can see little red\blue spots. On Nikon noise reduction is quite visible at 6400 but very little at 3200.

Every time we were going to the show, Canon was winning hands down, we always admire 5d ISO 3200, now it was completely opposite, Nikon felt the same way as Canon before, unquestionable winner.

  • 14mm on FF is really wide, lens at 2.8 is sharp even at 14mm, I could not believe.

Nikon Canada asks around 5500$ for this camera – If I would be wedding photographer I would take 2 right a way, just for one simple reason: flash would go to my bag forever.

D3 for hobbyist like me, hmmm I’m pretty crazy if it comes to gear, got all AF-S lenses, nice tripod and all the gizmos, spend about 15k in equipment so far, but I think I will wait. I got good job and could pay for the camera, but I think I would have a hard time to justify in front of my better half. Over 5k just to have usable ISO 3200-6400 is a bit too much for me, auto focus on d200 works for my style of shooting, everything else is enough as well, except that ISO and FF.
I will be waiting for D400 and FF sensor in it in the range of 3000$

Here are few resized shoots and zipped original files at the bottom:









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