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Re: Look for an ist DS...

I just picked up a DS + a kit lens and 50mm/2.0 off of eBay; along with some other accessories, the whole deal worked out to $336, including shipping.

If you're OK with used, but are hesitant to go the eBay route, has a good many used Pentax *ist DSLRs. You can either get just a body or a kit. I've dealt with them several times and they're very reputable.

If you're looking for a do-everything lens, the Tamron 18-250 has been getting some positive reviews by people on this forum. As a matter of fact, I'm looking at getting one of those early to mid November, when the overtime money from my job starts coming in.

At some later point, I'll thinking that I will get a more advanced Pentax body, but the DS is working fine for now. At least by then, I should have the good lenses that I want, so there won't be the same type of sticker shock as there was when I first started investigating buying into a DSLR system.

HTH, Heather
Will work for lenses.

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