CHDK for S5 Status

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Re: CHDK for S5 Status

so Update firmware option was removed?

it may still be possible to run code from .bin file from SD card if you will mark card bootable

CHDK uses 2 different aproaches to load code into camera ( .FIR and .bin files)

did you try to load .FIR file only or you have checked autoloading of diskboot.bin also?

to load .bin files you have to mark your SD card as bootable ( change some bytes in boot sector ) and make it readonly ( Lock switch on SD card)

it is possible that 3 bin files can be loaded such way : diskboot.bin, romwrite.bin, upgrader.bin
here you can find 3 .bin files (they do nothing. you can see sources)

purpose of these .bin files to hang your camera - to show you the code actually have been executed

here you can find 2 sectors from G7 SD card - original one and another marked as bootable
you can make your SD card bootable manualy editing boot sector in hex editor

I have used HDHacker tool to extract from and write back this sector to SD card
Any hex editor can be used to write "BOOTDISK" into this bin file.
offset : 0x40

hope this trick will help you to launch blinker on S5

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