Help cropping bird photos

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Re: Help cropping bird photos

OK, I'm certainly no pro, but a couple of things stand out to me, IMHO.

Your camera is focusing on the plants behind the bird - you can see that; that's why the plants have more detail and look sharper, and your wide aperture opening is allowing for only a small Depth of Field (DOF, small focus depth area). Check your focus area mode to ensure it is focusing on the right object - it is currently focusing behind the bird in this case.

Also, your shutter speed is slow for capturing something that may move at any time, and you may think about a small table top tripod if you're not using one, since you're shooting the same subject (your feeder).

As far as cropping, look at the picture at 100% size on your monitor, and see how the bird looks. If it is sharp with detail, you can crop at that size (100%), or you may be able to resize and increase it a little if it is not big enough. If it's not big enough, then perhaps a bigger zoom lens would be good since you're so far away.

Hope this helps. Anyone else, please correct anything I may not havet gotten right, or if you have better suggestions.

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