NEC 2690WUXi - can it handle regular sRGB?

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Re: Clarification,.....Part 2

Tom_Bruno wrote:

Back to your past, Mark:

"My past"? - Uh-oh, I hope I'm not going to need a lawyer here?! (LOL)

The calibrations merely help with accuracy in their respective modes

  • but it's having the appropriate colour profile in place whilst

using the respective mode that is the key thing - but the profiles
only matter when using fully colour-managed applications like

That is, not using the net under WinXP.

Just to clarify here...

If the application in use is not colour managed (Internet Explorer for example) then having the wrong ICM colour profile in place won't make any difference to the "saturation/gamut" displayed - because the non-managed app's simply don't read the profiles.

Note though, that having the wrong ICM profile in place may result in some colour tracking errors (grey scale and colour temperature/white balance) - due to the fact that any respective calibration's graphics card LUTs are generally stored in, and installed from, the associated ICM file - but this doesn't really affect saturation, at least not directly anyway.

... but you’ve spelled out the technical
details with such logical detail that your conclusion is inevitable.

I'll take that as a compliment - thanks!

One day we’ll all have new computers with new operating systems and
new programs that are fully color aware and compatible. That will
not be next year or the one after.

Quite probably - although things are slowly changing in the right direction.

Firefox 3 (early next year?) will be full-colour-management capable - which, hopefully, might provoke Microsoft to provide the same capability in IE8 (if we were lucky).

Even now, there are image viewers like "FastStone" that incorporate partial colour management, but only on the input image file - and there should be barely any additional work required to make "half managed" applications "fully managed".

These "half managed" applications already perform a translation between both an "input profile" and to an "output profile" - but they simply use the default of the "sRGB" profile, where they should ideally read the display profile that is already accessible from the OS (if the user has installed it).

My final question: Does the NEC 2490WUXi meet that description? IPS
panel, nice big 24 inch screen and all, with standard gamut. The
2490, my other choice, seems like a top notch “regular” sRGB monitor,
that would function well with both Photoshop and the internet. With
no hassles.

Am I missing something one this one?

I don't really know for sure - but I suspect the 2490 is very likely amongst the "serious" quality category.

I don't think you should necessarily fixate on S-IPS panels - many VA type panels are very good too. Most of Eizo's panels are VA types of some particular variety, and Eizos are very highly acclaimed.



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