NEC 2690WUXi - can it handle regular sRGB?

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Mark H
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Re: Clarification,.....Part 1

Tom_Bruno wrote:

Mark H wrote:
It's difficult to see why images would look oversaturated on the
"sRGB mode" - it should be more likely to see either normal or
under saturated.

But plenty people complain about OVER-saturated images while using
wide gamut monitors on the net, including with NEC 2690 and the
Samsung 24 inch. Here are a few samples, Samsung first:

Yes, but that is when these monitors are in their native "wide-gamut" (which is the only option for most of these monitors).

At that point in the previous discussion, I believe we were talking about the NEC's "sRGB mode". In that mode the monitor should behave and display like it was a regular "normal-gamut" monitor, and there is no obvious reason why anything should look oversaturated - in that "normal/sRGB mode".

In the NEC's "sRGB mode" most things should look "normal" - except there is the possibilty, if not probability, that users may switch to the "sRGB mode" and forget to tell the OS (neglecting to switch the default ICM profile). If users forget to tell the OS, then fully colour-managed applications (like Photoshop) will think that the monitor is still in "wide-gamut mode" and would actually result in under-saturated images within these fully CM'd app's.

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