NEC 2690WUXi - can it handle regular sRGB?

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Re: Clarification, corrections, and advice...Part 2

Back to your past, Mark:

…because if you want to switch
between monitor gamut modes, you would not only need to switch the
ICM profile on the PC to keep your fully colour-managed app's like
Photoshop happy (to enable them to determine the colour gamut in
use), but you would also need to clear out/load back in any gamma
correction LUT loaded into the graphics card from the sRGB

Loading gamma correction LUTs conventionally only occurs on OS startup

  • but you can manually run the gamma loader from the short-cut in the

startup folder (after switching the Windows Default ICM profile).

Switching modes is evidently a pretty involved process. And no doubt there’s plenty room for error along the way.

…you always have to switch the monitor
mode (at the very least).

To switch between the two gamut modes - you'd ideally want to both
switch the mode on the monitor AND correspondingly change the ICM
file in use on the PC OS, - AND then reload the graphics card LUT.

Hmmhh. That sounds like too much to go through on a regular basis, like every time I switch from Photoshop to the net. Photography is a serious hobby for me, but it is a hobby. My professional work is not graphics based, so I need those standard sRGB programs to look about right through most of the day. Getting a wide gamut monitor seems impractical for all around usage.

The calibrations merely help with accuracy in their respective modes

  • but it's having the appropriate colour profile in place whilst

using the respective mode that is the key thing - but the profiles
only matter when using fully colour-managed applications like

That is, not using the net under WinXP.

…it seems like the 2690 could function…for both editing and net viewing – assuming the user sets
and changes profiles for the different tasks.

It could - but - I think it's clear from many peoples' confusion, and
the complications/hassle involved - I personally think that most
people would be generally better off all round NOT buying these
wide-gamut displays.

The current benefit's of using wide-gamut displays probably do not
justify the effort and the complications involved - for the majority.

On this point I think you’re clearly right. Other people have said the same thing in other threads, but you’ve spelled out the technical details with such logical detail that your conclusion is inevitable.

One day we’ll all have new computers with new operating systems and new programs that are fully color aware and compatible. That will not be next year or the one after. Graphics professionals, Mac users and others whose work is dedicated to color critical jobs would probably benefit from these Porsches of the monitor world. But for everyone else they’re pretty restrictive. I agree that for most people these wide gamut monitors would be more trouble than pleasure. A high pain to low pleasure ratio, it seems.

I would personally recommend most people to just get a top notch
"regular sRGB" display - which not only would be every bit as good
for most people, but also less complicated to deal with, less
technical issues, and also would very likely be considerably less

My final question: Does the NEC 2490WUXi meet that description? IPS panel, nice big 24 inch screen and all, with standard gamut. The 2490, my other choice, seems like a top notch “regular” sRGB monitor, that would function well with both Photoshop and the internet. With no hassles.

Am I missing something one this one?

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Tom B

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