NEC 2690WUXi - can it handle regular sRGB?

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Re: Clarification, corrections, and advice..Part 1

Mark, thanks for another detailed and informative reply. I must say I agree with your basic points, including your conclusion that wide gamut monitors aren’t suitable for most people’s needs at this time.

I’ll post a couple of comments, then a final question. My post is a bit long, so I’m splitting it to two parts. Sorry for the length.

Mark H wrote:
It's difficult to see why images would look oversaturated on the
"sRGB mode" - it should be more likely to see either normal or
under saturated.

But plenty people complain about OVER-saturated images while using wide gamut monitors on the net, including with NEC 2690 and the Samsung 24 inch. Here are a few samples, Samsung first:

“the Samsung 245T was exhibiting overly saturated reds and oranges. This is the same problem that I had with the Dell. These wide gamut monitors seem to give you more saturated, vivid color.”

“these extended gamut monitors are totally different then the monitors they replace. I just wasted 10 days with my GretagMacBeth Photo SG ($1500) system and Match3 plus ColorEyes software and could not get a satisfactory result on the Dell 2407.”

The color is WAY too saturated and the contrast is about 25% too high and that was AFTER color calibration.

I ended up taking it down to 25% of normal saturation, just look at ANY of the normal Windows colors on the desktop for a clue. WAY over the top.

At this point the only two monitors the truly make the grade in flat panel are the LaCie's and the Eizo.
I spent a long long time doing the homework.

and a couple of threads where you posted comments:

“I made some portraits in Lightroom/Photoshop cs3 and uploaded them to my website for the customer to see.

Problem is that in the webbrowser (and my emailprogram) colors are way way off. Much to reddish/magenta. Terrible. The woman mailed me and complained about the colors being off. I can see why. What I see in my colormanaged programs and on the internet (or my emailprogram) is so different that it's hard to live with.

I have a 30" HP LP3065 which is calibrated, Colors match prints perfectly.

It has a wide gamut so the difference between my pics in CS3 and on the internet is quite extreme.

And regarding the Dell 3007WFP-HC:

“If you are running Windows XP, the desktop color management is limited. The whole system is color managed but with the final output color space set to sRGB. Connecting one of those wide gamut monitors to it, you will first be amazed by the vivid colors for the landscape photos but then suddenly be shocked to see wrong skin tones for the portraits.”

There are also mentions of over saturation of sRGB on the NEC 2690 in the Hard Forum links I posted earlier.

(continued in part 2)
Tom B

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