Ricoh GRD vs Leica DLux-3

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Ricoh GRD vs Leica DLux-3


Just when I'm about to put down money for Leica Dlux-3, I met a really nice person at the museum last night who owns a GRD, I've seen that expensive lil camera but never thought about it because my heart is set on the Leica DLux-3.

Since I haven't bought the DLux-3 and both cameras are way out there in prices, I like to buy the one that is more worth it of the two.

Isn't that how it is, just when you're about to take the plunge, something else comes up, then end up back in square one, again.

I've pretty much read everything about the DLux3 and its advantage/disadvantages.

For those of you who own both or have used both, please tell me more about the two, or about GRD. I do love the fact that both are solid black, and they're both pretty much the same size/weight.

On the plus side for these two cameras, I'm good at Photoshop, and has the patience for PP. Also, I use Mac.

Please give me some infos. for the following:

-IQ for evening shots w/o flash.
-Noise level
-Color, skin tone, ect.
-Raw write speed with large cards, (what kind for Ricoh).
-Best RAW converter for this cam.

Thank you everyone, I really appreciate it!


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