D300 from Paris, Hi iso NR off, NEFs

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D300 from Paris, Hi iso NR off, NEFs

Hi all,

As many others I was st the Salon de la Photo in Paris last week, and had a chance to very briefly test a D3 (with the 14-24) and a D300. With the D300, I turned off NR and Hi ISO NR and shoot a series 800-> 6400. The camera had a 17-55 on. I also shot a comparison series with my D200 (although, in the rush, not with the same focal, sorry), but that series is still in the camera. If people think it may be useful, I may make it available as well.

Now, since I see (I do not post often but lurk a lot here) that big questioning is always going on on these sort of samples, I think I will state some fact and opinions, ad then leave anybody to decide for him/herself what to think by downloading the NEFs (14 bit lossless compressed).

1) these are only visible in viewNX for now. Although all the possible NR are turned off, CaptureNX (and I suppose, viewNX also) always apply some antinoise, I believe. I personally find NX NR algorithm really awful, and would never use it. I suppose these are "as NR free as it gets" but I still wait to see what they will look like in other converters (I personally use Bibble). Nevertheless, I already like them as they are.

2) In the rush (I had like 5 people queueing after me...) I could not choose a particularly good scene. The focus is on the light rig on the upper left part of the image, where the screen with a Pentax K10 is attached. I thought it to be a reasonably detailed object, and a still one. In most cases, I had at least 2 shots per ISO setting, and choose the best one, so they should be generally in focus and free of motion blur.

3) I totally forgot to look at the sharpening setting, so you should take it as it is... sorry.

Currently, the five NEFs (800, 1250, 1600, 3200, and 6400) are hosted in a savefile.com project :


These are two ZIP files, one with the first three photos, the other one with the other two, because savefile has a maximum file size of 60 MB and they did not fit all in the same archive.

I'm not sure whether there is any problem in linking it as it is, in case let me know. If somebody can and is willing to host the NEFs somewhere else, this will be very welcome.

Hope they will be useful!

Luca Sbordone

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