D70: no PS editing out-of-the box perfect images?

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Re: D70: no PS editing out-of-the box perfect images?

monographix wrote:

That custom curve thing seems interesting, and despite the obviously
improved before/after sample victor posted in his sReala post, the
samples of the sReala curves creator himself, show way much better
default D70 originals that i would be happy if mine were like that,
making the differences with the curved samples sort on the subtle
side ...

I did the same thing. I had a whole long relationship with different custom curves. What I noticed is that while one curve may work great in one situation, it's not great for every situation. In other words, there's no one curve that would make all my pictures "perfect." What I decided was that auto tone was the best thing, since it modifies the tone curve from low, to normal or even high in some cases, as necessary. Then just dial in EC as needed. I shoot auto sharpening, IIIa and normal saturation (the reds are way out of control with saturation at +1).

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