Tested my 1D mark 3 tonight

Started Oct 9, 2007 | Discussions thread
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Hey PhoMan, Don't Let

.... the wannabe court jesters, the aspiring inquisition interrogators, and those who have sworn a blood oath of loyalty to let no good-intentioned deed go unpunished, .... get to you. Give the body a chance. Try similar shots on a day with good light and high shutter speeds at ISO 800 or 1600. You may have one that performs decently and you just haven't given it a good chance to find that out yet.

I personally have a 1D3 that performs somewhere south of my first 10D and it is a dismal pretender to my two 1DmkII's, and my 5D - relative to giving me consistently sharp images. I recognize some of the same issues with your body, that I have experienced with mine. Keep trying. At the very least you will come to love (if you haven't already) the low noise levels that you can achieve at ISO 3200. Mine is now in to Canon for the 2nd time. Tried all the recommended settings for sports photography, etc., etc., etc.. I couldn't even get sharp images from a tripod in one-shot, non-AI setting however. To be sure of what you have, analyze your images with 100% crops of areas of interest, such as you gave us in the last photo here. Those will be telling. Good luck.

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