NEC 2690WUXi - can it handle regular sRGB?

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Re: You are confused/wrong...

Mark and Will, thanks for your detailed input. As I’ve mentioned, I am new to LCD’s, having never owned one except for several laptops. I’m trying to understand how the basic characteristics of these screens apply to daily use.

Mark H wrote:

Note: The one situation where the NEC monitor (and others with the
same function) actually does do colour translation - is of course,
when you switch into the special "sRGB" mode.

In this special case, the monitor receives what should be "sRGB
colour data", and then translates it into the panel's "native
wide-gamut" colour space, so that it displays it correctly.

But “correctly” in that case would mean correct for the OS and programs to which NEC originally created the internal sRGB, not necessarily any one user’s setup. So using the preset sRGB can result in oversaturated images on the display, as was reported by the people on those threads I mentioned earlier, and here on DPR.

Try switching the default profile associated to the monitor between
something like "WideGamutRGB" and "sRGB Color Space Profile" - then
relaunch the application, and load the same tagged input file.

In Photoshop you would see an enormous difference between having the
two different monitor profiles (colour management enabled) - which
clearly demonstrates the importance of having the right profile
associated with current characteristics/mode of the monitor.

And this is why you should need to switch between different ICM
profiles in Windows/App's, when switching between the NEC 2690's
"wide/native gamut" and "sRGB" modes, when using "fully
colour-managed app's" - to the application/PC system, it's like you
are effectively switching between different monitors (although
actually just gamut/profile is changing).

If I read you correctly, that means I can/should profile the 2690, if I get one, in two ways: 1) For wide gamut, to use Photoshop, and 2) For standard gamut, or sRGB, to use the internet, Power Point etc.

And if I’m getting this right, you’re saying that I can switch profiles back and forth as needed to accommodate different tasks.

And that seems to say that profiling the monitor for sRGB and using that profile is replacing the need for switching the 2690’s internal mode to sRGB. Also that since creating an sRGB profile involves calibrating the monitor to my own system, it will be more accurate for displaying sRGB on my own system than the 2690’s preset sRGB.

Bottom line, if the above is correct, it means that using the two profiles would allow the 2690 to display either sRGB or aRGB, but not at the same time. And the sRGB profile would be pretty close to accurate.

But of course - you're probably wouldn't want to be using
"colour-managed" applications with your wide-gamut monitor in "sRGB"
mode - (unless confusion sets in - which seems more than likely).

Yeah, you're totally right.

Oh, yes. Confusion has set in.

To risk repeating myself, are the creation and use of profiles, as above, a “fix” for this over saturation? By calibrating the 2690 to one’s own system, will it render sRGB images correctly, or “pretty close?”

Finally, I’d like to get back to the basic point. I want a very good monitor for photo editing. I also need to use it for general work. I’m willing to adapt by making profiles, and switching them as needed.

From the recent discussion, it seems like the 2690 could function in this way, for both editing and net viewing – assuming the user sets and changes profiles for the different tasks.

If so, that would answer Mike’s similar question:

carauction wrote:

So the bottom line question in layman terms(appreciated), if one is
looking for as much info. in their aRGB file as possible to achieve
the best possible prints, is the wide gamut 2690 the answer? And if
one is also looking to share and 'view' images in sRGB web
colorspace, is there a drawback to this monitor?

IF I’m right, the drawback can be fixed with the profiles.

And lastly, is there much to lose as far as file info with the
NEC2490, but more to gain as far as sRGB web viewing & sharing.

I’d like to know that, too.

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