Old 20D in, new 40D out...

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Re: Old 20D in, new 40D out...

Just looked at your website and you've achieved some absolutely superb pictures with your 20D and 100-400. I think no one could do better than this with this camera/lens combination.

I have used the 20D,350D,400D and 40D with the 300 f4 IS, 100-400 and the 500 f4 IS which I use with the Canon tele-converters. I can use the 1.4 converter and 300mm and 500mm and achieve full autofocus. I have no autofocus using my 100-400 zoom with the 1.4 converter even with just the centre focus point active. I'm surprised you managed autofocus with your independent brand converter.

Maybe you should beg, borrow or steal the funds for a Canon 500 or 600mm lens and then your pictures will be simply mind blowing rather than superb.

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