Old Mac (white) Monitor Calibration......

Started Oct 7, 2007 | Discussions thread
Leon Wittwer Forum Pro • Posts: 13,250
Difficult question...

The appearance of an image on a display is affected by the background lighting. Many pros working in studios will work in a constant background environment of 50 lux or so to get consistant results. That is fairly dim resembling the light levels in art museums. They also calibrate/profile their displays in the same environment. Many of us find it difficult to really control background lighting over time in our homes so default to somewhat dimmer to fairly dark backgrounds.

One downside to all of this is displaying images on the net. If you work in a dimmer background lighting and display images with dimmer gray borders (see my site below), then the images will look best when viewed in dimmer conditions. If the images are viewed in brighter areas (or bright displays), then the images will not look as I intended and will generally seem to have less saturation and contrast than I intended.

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