NEC 2690WUXi - can it handle regular sRGB?

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Mark H
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8 bit panels don't have 2^12 colours (12 bit colour)...

There's more confusion/misinformation here, I believe...

saynomore wrote:

The big thing about 12-bit LUTs in monitors, even if the output to
the panel itself is only 8-bit, is that the display chooses between
those 68.7 thousand million (12-bit color) or so colors available
and maps them to the 8-bit output (16.78 million or so colors). With
an 8-bit LUT, you'd have only 16.78 million colors to choose from, to
map to their correct places in a 16.78 million color output, thus
some repeated colors will be displayed, and potential posterization.

I'm pretty certain that these 8 bit flat panels cannot pick from 68.7 thousand million colours.

The LCD panels themselves (just the glass LCD componentsl) only have an 8 bit per colour interface. This indicates that there are only the 16.7 million possible predefined colours available, at best.

The 12 bits refered to in the internal LUT has more to do with "added precision" (analogous to having more decimal places) - this increased precision helps to minimise/eliminate rounding errors (that introduce inaccuracies and banding) that can otherwise occur during the integer based digital signal processing involved in OSD adjustments etc.

The only way these 8 bit panels could select more than the normal 16.7 million colours, would be to employ "dithering" of some kind - but to the best of my knowledge, this technique is only used in the lower cost/faster switching "6 bit", usually "TN" type panels.

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