The Canon D60, underwater. :)

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Re: The Canon D60, underwater. :)

Petri Lindroth wrote:

So, you are using the strobes in manual mode. Do you feel that the
DS 125 strobe adjustments are enough with Full, 1/2, 1/4, 1/8

I have been thinking of Sea&Sea YS-DX90 strobes to be used with
D60. Do you have any experience of these with D30/D60?

By the way Hugyfot ( ) will introduce a housing
for D30 (D60?) in May. It will be machined aluminium and the price
should be around EUR 1800.



Hi! I just visited the Hugyfot site and I saw no mention of any D30/D60 housing. Did Hugyfot confirm to you that they will, indeed, be introducing a D30/D60 housing this May? If this is true, I may wait until the housing is released before housing my D30 so that I could compare its price and features to the UK-Germany housing. I was ready to order a housing from UK-Germany since I will be diving on the first week of May but have yet to receive a reply to the email I sent to Uwe. I just read on this thread that getting a D30 housing from UK-Germany requires a long lead time and since I will not be able to get the housing on time, I decided to postpone the housing purchase. Are you also getting a housing for your D30/D60?

Hugyfot's site also has some info on a new digital strobe. The strobe specs indicate that it supports both Nikon and Canon TTL, has a recycle time of

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