The Canon D60, underwater. :)

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Re: The Canon D60, underwater. :)

Hey, Max...

For my own reference on the D60 image quality underwater, I would
be very interested in seeing a fullsize jpg version ...

I will post a knock-your-socks-off raw file very soon, but not of the triggerfish. I got one tonight of some squid in Molokini that are AMAZING. The trigger photo required some coaxing from photoshop because I underexposed the original (doh!).

Unfortunately there are several of your otherwise great shots where
the subjects looks slightly out of focus. Did you use autofocus or
manual focus? Did you find the D60 very difficult to focus
underwater, or is it simply a matter of getting more underwater
practice with your new camera?

It's not hard for the camera to focus underwater, but there is surge, and the fish don't sit still. It can be hard to focus on things that are not very contrasty (like sharks) in low light -- especially in caves and stuff, but that's that a modeling light is for....

BTW, how did you make the "this is straight from the camera!" photo
of Kenny on April 3? Looks dangerous!

heh. I got down low with a Canon 24/2.8. He landed on the rock that is directly below him. Looks dangerous, huh?

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