NEC 2690WUXi - can it handle regular sRGB?

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Re: Part 2

Saynomore – First off, thanks for your detailed and informative response. Also I read your posts on the Dell 2407, including the one with the side by side screen shots. That post was great. A picture is worth a thousand words, and those shots spoke volumes.

You’ve answered many of my questions, but I have a handful more you might be of help with if you have the chance.

saynomore wrote:
…you can actually switch
between sRGB and the hardware-calibrated profile in the monitor's
menu (sRGB to/from P). So switching is not the most convenient thing,
but it works OK, considering how sweet is having more color for your
profiled photos with the 2690.

You’ve reassured me. I now feel fearless about this switching procedure.

We all have a need for sRGB, unless one never wants their pictures to
be displayed in a non-calibrated monitor. Especially people who have
commercial websites (i.e. pros)

Right. For some years to come there will be millions of people viewing whatever images we post on our websites or on Pbase or the like, and seeing them on their sRGB monitors using non-color-aware programs like IE.

If the 2490's functions are the same as the 2690…the sRGB preset (and the "N" preset too, by the way) cannot be changed either, just as any of the other presets cannot be calibrated using the colorimeter. You can only
change some color settings for the 1, 2, 3, and 5 presets, but those
won't be changed by the Spectraview calibration. That calibration has
its own preset, which is "P". So, even if you have any preset set
before calibration, after calibration you will see that you're now
automatically in the "P" preset. Change from that, and the
calibration goes poof. Back to pre-calibration-land.

Bear with me, this will be my first LCD. Here’s what is no doubt a dumb question: After calibrating the NEC hardware using SpectraView II, is it possible to additionally use the Eye One or Spyder's software for a second profile, to fine-tune the internal NEC profile, stored on the PC to drive the graphics card? Two profiles at once? Or is either/or, SpectraView or Eye One profiles? How does that work?

It's just that the native gamut of the 2690 is so much wider
that the difference is very discernible only then, but that's the
good thing about it, and I'll say with confidence that that's pretty
much why most people bought it over the 2490. The size difference is
not very important. Again, this is all assuming that the 2490 has the
same tweaking abilities and features as the 2690, which is what is
advertised and people are saying.

So I gather that the 2490 has no advantage in displaying sRGB, despite its 76% color gamut. I was guessing, apparently incorrectly, that the narrower gamut was set up expressly for sRGB, since sRGB is the most widely used standard . I had the impression that the 2490 was being marketed to those who primarily used non-graphics programs, to make sRGB appear correct, but apparently this is not true. .

And by the way, the 2690 doesn't calibrate to Adobe RGB either. When
hardware-calibrating it, it just spreads the gamut within its
available native gamut. It's just because it's so close to Adobe RGB
that some people seem to think it's the same, it's the same
relationship the 2490 has with the sRGB color space. Similar, but not
quite the same:

Very interesting, and a good point. I’ll bet a lot of people don't realize that. I didn't.

My priority for a high quality monitor at this time is photo editing. I know I can do the internet and Office on most screens. My laptop handles them adequately. But my laptop (Think Pad) has the same extreme viewing angle problems that ordinary LCD’s do.

It’s clear that no LCD is great yet. Certainly not perfect. Life is a compromise. I’d like to swing my usage towards photography, which is a serious hobby for me. As to other programs, I do need at least adequate, or acceptable, images.

Just close enough is good enough.

That would work for me.

Here's where a picture or two would be worth a few thousand words. If you have the time and energy, maybe you would take a couple of screen shots of images as they appear on the 2690, calibrated to aRGB, from IE or Power Point (non-color-aware) and the same image in Photoshop. Or whatever comparison you think would be meaningful. Side by side they would tell a story, as did your excellent shots of the Dell vs. the NEC.

If sRGB looks OK, “pretty good,” “acceptable,” “good enough” or some such thing there wouldn’t be an issue for me in getting the wide gamut monitor and setting it up. And I don’t mind the idea of switching modes, now that you’ve explained it so well.

Again, a picture would be worth a lot of words. I do not mean to pressure you in any way, but if you deem it possible to do a screenshot, I’m sure others would also love to see it as well.

Thanks again for your detailed comments.
Tom B

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