70 200 is or non is

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Re: 70 200 is or non is

javagirl wrote:

Ok I have made a decision to purchase the 70 200 2.8 lense. I will
primairly shoot hockey and baseball, as well as use it for shooting
the kids water skiing and tubeing. Any and all suggestions are

Hi Wayne,

The reviews at FM give the non IS a higher rating than the IS, based on better IQ from the non IS.

All the shooting you describe are action situations where you will need a fast shutter speed to stop the action, which makes IS sorta non factor. You really only need IS when you are shooting at a slow shutter speed and that implies little or no movement on the part of your subject.

The classic example is the wildlife shooter trying to capture an image of a bird on a stick who will really benefit from IS. By contrast if you are trying to capture a bird in flight you need a fast shutter speed so the benefit from IS is much more limited.

If you are shooting immobile subjects in low light IS can produce better IQ with an exposure three or four stops slower than a non IS image. This is like peeps in a dark bar and such, not sports shooting you seem to be more interested in.

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