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First thanks for the advice you emailed me. I am using the forum because my question may be of interest to others. What type of adapter is needed to use a telescope. I have access to two different type. One has a lens in the adapter and the other does not. Both can be attached to the Nikon F mount. I am not sure what is the difference. Also, there are additional extension tubes, which the instruction says may be required to achieve proper focusing. What is you experience with how to best to attach a camera to a telescope? (I even seen photographs where the person holds the camera over the telescope's eye piece.)

Thank you in advance.

My series of moon pictures over numerous nights:

StillLearning wrote:

I tried early on but even 5 mph winds caused vibration in my setup
and messed up the pictures. I just got a Reducer-Corrector to
increase my F-Stop from F10 to F6.3. Haven't had a chance to use it
till the temperatures start cooling here in Arizona at night. I
expect next month to get some more images.

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