Any suggestion on the best way to learn your camera and glass??

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Re: Have any of you reached a plateau?

andrew1306 wrote:

JayMurph wrote:

I was just wondering how many of you have come to your “plateau”.

Actually no - it never surprises me had bad a photo I am able to take!

LOL Same with me sometimes I look and it's like WTF! But I am getting a bit better it doesn't happen as often. Looking to drastically improve my "keeper" rate

which I feel I do more often then I should for now. Turning the dials
in the right direction the first time... I wish I could more time
with my camera.

That is definitely important, certainly with my 300D I could do
verything while looking through the viewfinder (a bit risky with ISo
changes mind you). The x0D series are pretty intuitive, so you should
at least be able to do no-look speed, aperature, Iso, AF point, and
metering mode. The others like the mode dial and drive mode are not
so easy since there is no viewfinder info...

There are moments when I wish I could switch the controls of the dials (AV and TV) in manual mode. For some reason it is stuck in my head that the control for the AV should be up front and TV on the back so that for me it takes more thought for me to react compared to just reacting, slowly getting better though.

Would be nice to see the metering modes in the viewfinder also...

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