What cams support FP mode?

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Re: What cams support FP mode?

Big Ga wrote:

SteveL54 wrote:

Big Ga wrote:

Or is there a technical reason and something like
mechanical shuttering only allows FP mode but the electronic shutter
models don't?

I don't know why FP sync wouldn't work with an electronic shutter.

Actually, I've just thought of a possible technical reason where,
depending on the frequency of the FP flash tube retriggering and the
readout method of the data from the sensor, you might get uneven
illumination across the frame and maybe see some banding effects.
Maybe. But then maybe not and its all about marketing

The readout sequencing off the sensor wouldn't cause a problem. It only matters when the photosites are exposed. If they are all exposed at the same time then I don't see a problem.

I just tried a 1/128th flash output using 1/8000s in a dark room. This corresponds to a flash duration of 1/41,600s. The coverage was uniform across the entire frame. Perhaps the FP pulses are even shorter, but I saw no hint of banding effects.


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