Does this Photographer know some stuff or what?

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Re: Does this Photographer know some stuff or what?

I agree with your points. Over here in the Netherlands these conditions are not uncommon during autumn and spring. One has to really look for those days when the layer of mist is thin enough to let the sun shine through though. Today I was double lucky, it is weekend and it was sunny and misty I've done my best to come close to what Rarindra does in his shots, picking a clearing in a park with darkness under the trees and a few sun rays shining through the canopy. I shot with a 18-50mm lens and a 100-400. The one below is with the 100-400 at 100mm f/4.5. Still not able to get a good subject (most were sleeping off their saterday morning hang over ;).

At least I have some nice backgrounds to put a subject in

Yes, Indonesia has a very humid clime, I think 100% humidity isn't uncommon there.

Thanks to Rarindra and all here discussing his work, I know what to look for next time.


joeiscoffee wrote:

Thanks for posting this, imqqmi. We had conditions here in Tennessee
the other day much like this. Rained the day before. ( a rare event
these days) Cool dry air came in overnight and in the morning we had
clear blue skies with mist rising. Lots of light beams like you
image. Looked very much like Rarindra. Unfortunately I could not take
any shots.

This is what I think. Atmospherics are capturable. And where Rarindra
lives in Indonesia they probably occur on a predictable, if not daily
basis. Rarindra and friends apparently shoot in a park like place
with models. They know the area well and are able to essentially set
up the type of shots we are seeing.

So imo Rarindra starts with very good photographic images and then
works his considerable pp magic on them. His work is not, as some
have suggested, all filters and adjustments. He does indeed take full
advantage of the software tools available. cloning, dodging, burning,
light painting etc. But his recipe is there in the original image(s).

I'm referring in the above to the Rarindra images with light beams.
Many of his works do not have this feature and may contain other
manipulations. Like an inserted dramatic sky etc. Wish I had half of
his talent. I believe there is a lot to learn in trying to accomplish
his work and style. But me, I'm no where close to achieving his
"painterly" vision..

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