NEC 2690WUXi - can it handle regular sRGB?

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Mark H wrote:

Fully colour-managed applications would need to know whether the
monitor was in sRGB or it's "wide-gamut" mode.

The monitor profile used by color-aware programs is so the graphics card can modify its output to suit the monitor, but this is at the cost of tweaking the card's LUT. There would be no point in having a 12-bit LUT in the monitor if you need to tweak the card's LUT too. The point is exactly that you don't have to tweak the card, and just leave it at its native color settings.

The only way such colour-managed applications can tell which monitor
mode you are using, is if you switch between different ICM profiles
in the Windows Display Color Management dialog/setting (which are
read by the "fully CM'd" application).

With the NEC and other similar monitors, the only thing color-aware apps need to do is read the picture's profile, interpret what the color values mean, then output that information as it is. It is the monitor's job now to do the conversion for the display output. I have done some testing that suggests that this is indeed true. I don't have an application that can only read the picture's profile, but let you choose only to use/not to use the monitor profile to compare, but if the image is untagged, you can see what difference it makes if you use/don't use the monitor profile in software like Zoombrowser (Canon's software). The answer is none.

That software has an "Adjust color of images using monitor profile" option, but it would be more accurate to say "use ICC management", because it not only enables the monitor's profile, but also enables reading the image tags, so tagged images do display a difference, but it's because their tag, not the output to the monitor (i.e. the monitor profile). As I said, the way to get around this is to test with untagged images, and they don't show any difference.

You wouldn't need to reboot - just change the default display profile
before launching the application.

But of course - you're probably wouldn't want to be using
"colour-managed" applications with your wide-gamut monitor in "sRGB"
mode - (unless confusion sets in - which seems more than likely).

Yeah, you're totally right. That was actually my point in another post in this thread.

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